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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kids' DIY Keepsakes

As the time nears closer to moving day, my daughter and I are exploding with DIY project ideas we can't wait to do for the new house. We have visions from paint colors for the walls to throw pillows and back-splashes to furniture layout.

But there are other fun projects we've already started.

My girl is very artsy fartsy. If anything has to do with coloring or painting, she's all about it. She wanted to repaint an old bird house she never finished when she was younger. Choosing the color palette was a daunting task to decide, but she ultimately decided to keep it in the blue family since that's one of the tentative plans for the new house.

The finished product. Mighty fine job, young lady.

On to the next project.

I've been going through a lot of her things getting ready to pack and I realize as time slips on by, I'm having a harder and harder time with her growing up so fast. When she was three, I stamped her hand print on a ceramic heart she painted. It turned out beautiful! A mother couldn't be more proud.

And now I've decided it's time to create a silhouette of her. These type of pictures stand out to me as beautiful pieces of art. It's personal in a sense that it's your family, but not as blatant as a photograph. I just love them.

How to create a silhouette
My goal is to gather these special imprints of her growing up and place them in a large frame on the wall.

This is my inspiration from Fresh Style magazine

I'm excited to finish this project and have a little piece of her younger years beautifully displayed.


  1. How cute is that! I love the finished birdhouse! And I can't wait to see your silhouette finished so that I can start mine..

  2. Your drawing ability is nice,is bueatiful. I also like DIY to make what I like.but my skill is poor. haha :). so I have to buying Ready-made.everbuying