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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth

My little family and I just got back from a fabulous trip to Disney World. My mother-in-law took my daughter down there for a surprise vacation, and my husband and I crashed the party!

We had the most amazing time. I keep being asked what was my favorite part? Most definitely, I'd have to say was the day at Magic Kingdom. The castle is the epitome of Disney to me. So delicate, beautiful, girlie and full of that fairy tale love.

Made me grin from ear to ear.

I can remember the first time I saw this sight when I was just a little older than my daughter now. I was in awe. So perfectly magical. Ever since then, I knew I belonged in a Magic Kingdom just like this one. And that fairy tale is in the making..

As we traveled throughout all the parks in the Orlando area, we found ourselves feasting on the most delicious and fattening foods, walked all day, every day until we had hot spots on our feet, and we {what felt like} were dropped from the sky many, many times from the rides.

The most traveled ride was at Sea World, called the Manta Ray. It was IN-SANE!! Not only is your upper body strapped in, but your feet are as well. But not to stop there, the seat tilted you forward to where you were pretty much laying down... I was dying inside. I'm terrified of heights and slightly claustrophobic, but if my 10 year old can do it, I guess I can give it a try.

It. was. awesome.
My sweet baby girl went from her shy, reserved little self to our very own little Roller Coaster Queen in the matter of .. one ride. She was a trooper.

There is something about a vacation that brings a family closer together. Getting away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life to relax and bond in a way you wouldn't do, or find the time to do otherwise.

I'm so thankful she got to experience the happiest place on earth - and that I got to share that with her. It truly is a magical place.


  1. How fun! I cannot wait to do that with my kids one day :)

  2. I still haven't been there and still want to go! :)