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Monday, July 25, 2011

Party with a peacock

I'm in love with peacocks. I really am. Well, more-less their beautiful, brightly colored feathers, rather than the actual bird itself.

So when I recently found the most fabulous thing I've ever laid my eyes on, my heart skipped a beat. And when you combine my favorite little birdie and my favorite liquid food group, you get = love. I am dying for these wine glasses!!!

Peacock Wine Glasses from Etsy

When peacocks gather in groups they're called parties. I think these wine glasses are absolutely fitting.

One thing really, really great about "growing up" is your palate for beverages grows up too. I've always been in to white wines. The sweeter the better. Riesling, Gew├╝rztraminer and to spice it up a bit, I'd choose the occasional Chardonnay. I pretty much ran that pony into the ground. How does that saying go, "Rode hard and put away wet"? I'm so over it.

Red is the new white.

But before I acquired the taste for red, I never understood how people could drink it. It was too bitter, dry, or almost left a buttery film aftertaste. But this summer, my parents came down for a visit and they mostly drink red, so I bought a bottle for them when they arrived.

That was the week my relationship with Cabernet Sauvignon changed forever. It's purely heaven. My favorite so far is Robert Mondavi, Woodbridge edition and it's only like $7 a bottle! I haven't dabbled too far into many others, but I'm okay with that. My Cab Sav is where it's at.

Don't get me wrong. Captain Morgan and I still know how to have a good time, but the fun I have with Mr. Mondavi is like no other.


  1. Love those glasses! I think we need a skypewinenight pretty soon. Like how I combined them all to make 1 word?! I'm gangsta like that :)

  2. omigosh haha why have you never told me about this blog of yours?!?! ummm bota box!